Let's work together

I am the creator of Atelier Tamahine jewelry and for my collection Entitled " TOHORA '' on the theme of whales I called on the talent of Mohea to make the underwater photographs of my creations 🙏✨ My little sister and I were the models to wear the jewelry. I am not used to posing for photos I was not very comfortable at first but Mohea made me feel comfortable 👌 and it was finally a very pleasant moment! I have fond memories of. In addition to this I loved the result, Mohea knows how to play with the frame and the light to create a poetic universe which I like very much. Again a big thank you to you!

Camille LeyCréatrice Atelier Tamahine

This contagious smile! This undeniable talent! Two suns are shining in Moorea when Mohea is around!

Manon FernetNonmayewww

Mohea's talent and professionalism are well established.
Looking forward to working together in a next heavenly destination.

Clotilde GrenierClotilde