A dad passionate about diving, a mom who loves discovering new things and here I am.

I grew up between the most beautiful city in France, Lyon, and the Mediterranean Sea. Lucky to be able to call these two places home, my childhood was fulfilled. Between steps by the river or by the sea, my love for water was quickly born.

I remember my dad’s books on the sea (Le Grand Requin Blanc, The most beautiful beaches in the world, best dives in the Mediterranean …), the vhs of Jacques-Yves Cousteau that we were watching, and the under water photos of my mom and dad.

This passion for photography did not come out of nowhere. Mum, a passionate photographer during her spare time and dad and adventurer wanting to capture what he sees underwater. For my 13th birthday I bought my first camera with my savings and since then I have never stopped.

With friends, and brands I continue my passion in a more professional way. My webdesign & graphic design company remains my main activity.


of photography

Already, I realize it today. 11 years that my left eye captures what my brain sees.